Product parameters


Applicable to electric water heaters, electric heating equipment, electric welding machines, steam generators and other high-power electrical equipment that requires overheat protection.

Product performance and principie

The KSD305 thermostat is a single-pole, single-throw temperature controller with a bimetal temperature-sensing jump. The controller is a single-pole normally closed switch composed of an insulating casing, a metal cover, a bimetal, a contact bridge, a spring, and an operating rod. When the temperature change reaches the preset deformation temperature of the bimetal, the bimetal action separates the contact bridge from the contact through the action bar, so that the switch that is normally closed is disconnected. The disconnection temperature can be made according to the customer's needs, and it needs to be manually reset to close after the action.


● It adopts contact temperature sensing installation, and the metal cover plane is attached to the mounting surface of the heating element during installation.

● Do not crush or deform the cover during installation to avoid affecting performance.

● Do not allow liquid to penetrate into the thermostat during use, so as not to affect the electrical reliability to prevent leakage damage.

● This product is a single pole wiring method. It should be wired correctly according to the marking symbol. Use rated current can not be greater than 40A.

● The product should be sealed and stored in a warehouse with a relative humidity of less than 90% and an ambient temperature of 40 °C below, which is ventilated, clean, dry and free of corrosive gases.

Technical parameters

◆ Rated electrical performance: AC250V/50Hz, ≤40A (resistive load);

◆ Normal electrical strength: AC50Hz1500V/1min without breakdown and flicker;

◆ Normal insulation resistance: >300 MΩ

◆ Contact contact form: single pole single throw;

◆ Form: Normally closed temperature rises, contacts are disconnected;

◆ Durability: CQC 6000 times;

◆ Operating temperature range: 55 ° C -140 ° C;

◆ Connection method: tighten the screws;

◆ Temperature error: ±3 °C, ±5 °C (customer demand production);

◆ Structure: built-in;

◆ Shell protection grade: IP00;

◆ Insulation material PTI value: PTI175;

◆ Classification of heat and flame resistance: Class B.