KSD301 snap-on thermostat (manual reset)
Product parameters



It is used for temperature control (switching) of electric appliances such as air conditioners, water dispensers, electric hot water bottles, water heaters, showers, disinfection cabinets, coffee pots, electric steamers, etc., and is also applicable to other household appliances, electronic instruments, electronic control cabinets, etc. Overheat protection (limited temperature).


Performances and features


The bimetal is used as the temperature sensing element. When the temperature rises to the operating temperature, the bimetal jumps and the drive contact moves quickly. When the temperature drops to a certain value, the contact does not reset. If it needs to be reconnected, it needs to be used. The force presses the reset handle and the thermostat contacts return to their original state, achieving the purpose of switching the circuit and manually restarting the switch. The utility model has the characteristics of stable performance, high temperature control precision, simple action and small volume, light weight, high reliability, long service life and small radio interference.




● This manual reset type thermostat can be pressed by the reset handle after the temperature rises and the temperature drops by 20 °C, and the force is 4-6 Newtons. It should not be too large.


● In order to ensure the normal operation of the thermostat, the vertical distance from the end face of the reset handle to the temperature sensing surface of the cover is not less than 20.4mm.


Technical parameters


◆ Electrical parameters: 10A/250V (resistive load);


◆ Operating temperature range: 45∽150°C (optional), manual reset: Disconnected temperature accuracy: ±(2.5∽5%)°C


◆ Wiring method: plug terminal 250# (bend 0∽90? optional); plug terminal 187# (bend 0∽90? optional, thickness 0.5, 0.8mm optional);


◆ Service life: 10A/250V 6000 cycles;


◆ Electrical strength: AC1500V lasts 1min. No flicker, no breakdown;


◆ Contact resistance: ≤50 mΩ;


◆ Insulation resistance: >100 MΩ;


◆ Form: Normally closed type: temperature rise, contact disconnection, manual reset;


◆ Shell protection grade: IP00;


◆ Grounding method: connected to the grounded metal parts of the device through the metal shell of the thermostat;


◆ Installation method: same as KSD301 automatic reset series